From Election to Parliament

parliament illustrated black and white

Elections Canada still has a lot to do once election day is over! 

Did you know?
  • It can take up to three weeks for election results to be validated in all 338 ridings. 
  • If the gap between the top two candidates is less than .001%, there is a mandatory recount. A recount can also be requested within four days after the results are issued. 
  • If a tie vote remains after a recount, a new election must be conducted in that riding. To date, there has never been a tie in a federal election. 

You can learn more about the vote counts here

Post-Election Ideas for your Class

We have prepared two activities that can be used in the days and weeks after the federal election. They are designed to help your students reflect on the importance of elections in our democracy and how elections connect to Parliament. The two activities can be used independently or in sequence. You may also want to simply have a discussion by looking at the Student Vote Canada 2019 results.