Student Vote Canada: Thank you message from Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer – Video transcript

Hi, I’m Stéphane Perrault, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer.

As head of Elections Canada, I want to thank you for leading the Student Vote Canada program at your school.

I know that teachers are busy, and I appreciate that you’re taking the time to participate.

Research has shown that it’s worth the effort. Student Vote Canada increases students’ knowledge of politics and elections. It promotes political discussion, enhances their sense of civic duty, and strengthens their future intentions to vote.

It’s part of our mandate to help young Canadians learn about the importance of electoral democracy. We’ve been working with CIVIX to offer Student Vote during federal elections since 2004. We provide our electoral expertise and voting materials so that the program is as authentic as possible. And we are proud to invest in Student Vote Canada once again so that every school in the country has the chance to take part.

So thank you again for participating. You are helping to build the future of Canada’s electoral democracy.

And I wish you and your students an enjoyable experience.