We are currently running a pilot project in Manitoba to test the impact of local, on-the-ground services. Manitoba was chosen because it has a large Indigenous community, a French minority-language community and a population size that is manageable for a pilot. As part of this project, we have engaged an education specialist from the region to deliver in-person and virtual professional learning activities to educators across the province.

Who can participate?
  • Secondary teachers 
  • Instructors, teacher-candidates, and student associations at Faculties of Education
  • School departments and teachers’ associations
  • Educators and consultants at school boards, divisions, departments, or ministries of Education
What type of activities are offered?

We tailor each PD activity to your needs and can present in a variety of environments and approaches, including:

  • Professional learning events
  • Staff or department meetings
  • Co-teaching or classroom demonstrations
  • Faculties of education
  • Student events

Our PD services feature Elections Canada’s learning resources. We can also touch on the following key topics: blended learning strategies, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, global competencies, civic engagement, literacy skills and language learner needs, and misinformation and disinformation.

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Not located in Manitoba? Come join us at one of our upcoming workshops across Canada or watch our teacher support videos.