Wild cards (extension activity)

Distribute 1 or 2 wild cards to each group. Explain to students that they are to take into account the factors indicated on the cards and update their map accordingly. Have students explain the reasoning behind any boundaries they have adjusted, making sure to justify changes in the context of fairness.

Wild card 1Wild card 2Wild card 3
Rising sea levels! In the historical electoral boundary district, the smaller of the two islands, southeast of the larger one, has been flooded and is now uninhabitable. Distribute the population elsewhere in a reasonable manner. Does this change your current boundaries?The Constitution assures that the rural community west of the mountain range has two districts, no matter their population. This guarantee is known as a grandfather clause. Divide this region into at least two districts.The people who live mostly in the northeast were separated into two districts in the last redistribution process. They were very displeased with this separation, which they felt watered down their voice. How are you going to address this concern with your boundary selection?