Provincial/territorial resources

Students learn about democracy in classrooms from coast to coast to coast. This section is a snapshot of civic and citizenship education tools, programs and activities across the country. Links are to third-party sources; some resources are available in English or French only.

British Columbia

Democracy in a Box is an activity kit from Elections BC that contains fun resources to explore democracy in your classroom. It includes materials for a mock election, a map of BC’s electoral districts, a timeline of voting rights in BC and trivia cards. (in English)


Building Future Voters is an inquiry-based educational program from Elections Alberta, designed to support the grades 6, 9 and 12 programs of study in Alberta. It helps students and teachers engage in learning about democracy and civics.


Your Voice Matters is a comprehensive, curriculum-based educational program for grades 4 to 8. Developed in partnership by Elections Saskatchewan and the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, it includes four teaching modules, videos, resources for mock elections, and in-class presentations. (in English)


Through the Your Power to Choose education guide and in-class workshops, students learn about the history of Manitoba elections from the perspectives of a voter, a candidate and an election worker. Developed by Elections Manitoba in partnership with educators, the program links to Manitoba’s grades 6, 9 and 11 curriculums.


Ready Set Vote! is an election simulation from Elections Ontario. This resource was developed for grades 5 and 10, and features short or long activities, templates, handouts and organizers.


The Democracy Education Zone (ZED) provides multiple programs and educational activities about participation in democratic life. Developed by Élections Québec, it features support for student councils, election simulations, a look behind the scenes of an election and more.

New Brunswick

Elections New Brunswick offers an online Teacher’s Toolkit. Its classroom resources include trivia on New Brunswick elections, a glossary of election terms, a demonstration ballot, and a How to Vote poster.

Prince Edward Island

The Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island offers class tours. Students visit Province House, view a sitting of the Assembly (if in session), see the Legislative Assembly Chamber, and watch a video about the meetings that led to Canadian Confederation. (in English)

Nova Scotia

Elections Nova Scotia offers educational resources with a focus on the province’s role in the development of democracy in Canada. It includes materials such as a replica newspaper from the mid-19th century and activities such as puzzles and quizzes. (in English)

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly provides several ways students can experience the House and the democratic process in action, including group tours and visits to the public galleries. (in English)


The Yukon Legislative Assembly provides online information sheets about the Assembly that teachers can use in the classroom. Topics include the Speaker, the Mace, and the role of a member of the Legislative Assembly.

Northwest Territories

The Mace Tour from the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories is an educational program for communities that aren’t able to visit the Assembly in person. The tour teaches students about topics such as consensus government, members of the Legislative Assembly, and the art and symbolism of the Mace.


The NTI Elections Curriculum Initiative is a teacher’s guide for grade 9 social studies classes. This resource, from Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., addresses topics such as what it means to be a responsible citizen and the importance of participating in Nunavut’s elections. (in English, French,ᐃᓄᑦᑎᑐᑦ and Inuinnaqtun)