2021 Federal Election

Students voting in mock election.

This September, Canadians will head to the polls to vote for the people who will represent their interests in the House of Commons. For teachers, a federal election provides a unique opportunity to bring the democratic process to life for students. Elections Canada offers free educational resources all year round. During federal elections, we’re pleased to support a special program: Student Vote Canada.

Student Vote Canada

Student Vote Canada is a parallel election program that runs alongside the real federal election. Elections Canada has engaged CIVIX to deliver Student Vote for this year’s federal election. Our goal is to have young Canadians from schools across the country take part in all 338 electoral districts.

In Student Vote Canada, students get the chance to act as election workers and vote for the official candidates running in their school’s riding, using real voting materials from Elections Canada. The program is free to any school, and materials are available in both official languages.

We know that authentic learning experiences like Student Vote Canada have an impact on developing engaged citizens and future voters. Register your school today.

Message to registered teachers from Stéphane Perrault, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada


Fun Facts about Student Vote Canada
  • Elections Canada and CIVIX have been offering Student Vote Canada during federal elections since 2004. 
  • Nearly 1.2 million students participated in the last Student Vote Canada.
  • Students typically elect the same governing party as adults, but the results breakdown often varies between the parties.
  • After participating in the program, 75% of students said they felt more prepared to vote in the future. 
  • 99% of teachers say they would like to participate in Student Vote Canada again.
  • 28% of parents reported that their child(ren)’s participation in Student Vote Canada had positively influenced their decision to vote.

Do you have questions about the Student Vote Canada program? Contact our friends at CIVIX.

For all official information about where, when and ways to register and vote, visit the Elections Canada website.