Professional Learning Services in Markham, Ontario

In an effort to expand our professional learning services and to provide on-the-ground engagement at the local and provincial levels, Markham, Ontario now has an Elections Canada education coordinator. This initiative is part of a pilot program to enhance our offering in the area. This program aims to cultivate knowledge and interest in electoral participation and civic engagement among future voters. The Markham education coordinator will work toward building meaningful relationships with local education stakeholders and developing culturally relevant approaches and services. In-person and virtual professional learning activities will be offered at no cost to educators in Markham.

Who can participate?

  • Secondary school teachers
  • Instructors, teacher-candidates and student associations at faculties of education
  • School departments and teachers’ associations
  • Educators and consultants in school departments, districts and ministries of education

What types of free activities are offered?

Each professional learning activity is tailored to classroom needs and presented in a variety of environments and approaches, including:

  • Professional learning events
  • Staff or department meetings
  • Co-teaching or classroom demonstrations
  • Faculty of education workshops
  • Student events

Our professional learning services feature Elections Canada’s learning resources. We also touch on the following topics: critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, global competencies, civic engagement, blended learning strategies, literacy skills and language learner needs, and misinformation and disinformation.

Book your next professional learning activity!

Not a resident of Markham? You can attend one of our workshops across Canada or watch our teacher support videos. We also offer professional learning services in Northwestern Ontario.

Meet our Markham Education Coordinator

Melissa Chan is an Ontario-certified teacher based in Markham, Ontario. As a member of the Chinese Canadian community, she is passionate about empowering minority groups to explore and embrace their unique identities and find their voice in their communities.  

Melissa has worked and volunteered with several organizations, such as ALPHA Education, where she helped develop anti-racism workshops and engaged in research projects to raise awareness of the forgotten history of World War II in Asia. Melissa is also an avid and active member of her community. She was issued the Ontario Volunteer Service Award for her commitment to volunteerism and making a difference by providing services in her community. She was also presented with the Yee Hong Gold Award for her work serving seniors in Yee Hong’s culture-centric long-term care homes.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honours BA in History, Political Science and International Development. She then completed her Bachelor of Education at Tyndale University. She is a director of and co-chair of the online institute for Ontario History and Social Studies Teachers’ Association (OHASSTA), where she collaborates with teachers across Ontario to develop resources to support social studies teachers.

With her background and love for history, Melissa is committed to helping learners see the world in a more meaningful way and to empowering them to become change makers in their communities.

For more information on her professional learning and coaching services in Markham, Ontario, email Melissa Chan at