Blended Learning Tools

To provide more flexibility in how educators can use our lessons, we offer blended learning adaptations of many of our secondary-level resources using Google applications. These adaptations present purposeful and collaborative ways to combine online and in-person teaching strategies. The learning outcomes are the same, no matter the learning context.

Flexible learning options

Elections Canada’s blended learning guides feature a menu of learning options and links to online tools in Google apps that educators can copy and make their own. Blended learning offers educators the flexibility to use what they need, how they need it. The steps of each lesson are described for both in-person and online learning. This lets educators choose the options that work best for their students.

For example, you could begin with the Minds On activity using Google Forms, asking students some introductory questions. You could then lead an in-class discussion of the students’ responses to the questions, focusing on areas of agreement or disagreement. Next, students can work together to complete the activity in Google Drawings or using the physical materials. End with an in-class discussion and get students to complete an exit card online to consolidate their thinking.

The options and tools are all there for educators to build their own blend or to teach completely online or in person. To get started, take a look at all the blended learning tools available.

New to blended learning?

Blended learning is the purposeful use of both online and in-class tools and strategies to support students’ learning. It allows educators to choose the tools that work best for their students in each environment, resulting in more engagement and learning. An effective blended classroom includes:

  • a seamless connection between online and in-person learning
  • a virtual learning environment or software platform
  • increased student-to-student and student-to-teacher collaboration
  • increased student control over the time, place, pace and path of learning
  • repurposed instructional time

All of Elections Canada’s blended learning tools support educators in designing purposeful and collaborative inquiry-based lessons, whether delivered online or in person, using rich blended learning pedagogy.