Activity Cards: Women and the Vote [language learners]

Students will analyze the following pieces of information and sort them in one of the four ways to take civic action.

Sign a petitionIndividual women and men signed a petition that said they agreed with Manitoba women getting the right to vote.
Donate money to support the causeMary Hamble donated money to the Manitoba Political Equality League. The League worked to make people more aware of women’s right to vote.
Attend an eventIndividuals showed their support for women’s right to vote by attending meetings, protests, talks and social events.
Join with national organizationsLocal women’s groups joined with national organizations such as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.
Hold group activitiesManitoba women held social events or “Pink Teas” in their homes so women could discuss the struggle for equal rights.
Get support from othersManitoba women’s groups got support from other organizations, such as the Manitoba Grain Growers Association.
Take part in public eventsThe Manitoba Political Equality League set up a booth at the Winnipeg Stampede, where they handed out pamphlets about women getting the vote.
Attract attention through advertisingThe Manitoba Political Equality League ordered 100 banners to hang on Winnipeg streetcars.
Use humour to get noticedWomen created a theatrical show with a humorous debate on whether men should have the right to vote.
Ask people to sign a petitionWomen brought petitions to church meetings, family gatherings and community events where they could ask a lot of people to sign the petitions.
Present a petitionA petition presented to the provincial premier had over 40,000 signatures. The petition showed that people supported women’s voting rights.
Promote the introduction of a billActivists convinced Premier Norris to introduce a bill in the Manitoba legislature. This bill would allow women to vote in the province of Manitoba.
Contact an elected memberWomen contacted all members of the Manitoba legislature to demand that women get the right to vote.