Campaign speeches

Ask each candidate to read their campaign speech. Encourage them to add their own dramatic and comic flair.

Captain’s Party Campaign Speech

Arrrr! I am running to be your new class president. I have many plans for our school, and I’d like to steal a moment of your time to tell you all about them. 

I will change all the field trips! We shouldn’t go to some landlubber field, but sailing on the seven seas! 

I propose a spirit week that will include activities fit for a pirate such as swabbing the deck, rowing, climbing, peg-leg races, walking the plank and, of course, stealing and plundering.

Finally, the cafeteria must stop selling food that be causing the scurvy! We need to be in tip-top shape for plundering and sailing, so I will bring in limes, lemons and all the mangoes you can eat!

The Captain’s Party would allow you to listen to music (though not pirated music!) during study time in class, but there would be extra homework each school day. 

And when I win the election, all of you will be required to greet each other with “Ahoy, matey!”

So vote for me for your class president if you want to see a sea of change!

Dinosaur Party Campaign Speech

Some of you may have thought I was extinct and gone. No way! I’m here and I have plans to make school better for all of us, even you carnivores.

We need to improve the cafeteria for us plant-eaters. We need to get rid of all the unhealthy stuff like burgers, hot dogs and meat lovers’ pizza. When I’m elected, I’m going to get a better salad bar selection, cut back on the bacon bits, and have more Brussels sprouts and broccoli in our caf.

We should have exciting field trips to rain forests and camping instead of museums. We don’t need to see old fossils of our ancestors!

If elected, I propose that school activities will include “scare the humanoids” days and tooth-flossing events.

Dinosaurs are big and slow, so we want everyone to have extra time to get to class before you are late. The school day would be longer, though. 

If I win the election, everyone will have to participate in our new school cheer, the Dino Call, which sounds like this: RAWR!

If you want change from someone with big ideas, vote for the Dinosaur Party.

Wizard Party Campaign Speech

I’m proud to be your candidate for the Wizard Party, and I have some amazing and magical ideas for ways we can all work together to improve our life at school. 

Spirit week is made for us. As wizards, we connect with the spirit world. We can have dress-up days when we wear our most colourful robes. Other activities can include magic potion mixing contests and spell-ing bees (get it?). Sports events can include wand-tossing, bobbing for apples and broomball games. 

Our field trips would take us to faraway places where we would fight dragons and visit magical lands. 

When I’m elected, there will be some big changes around here. First, all students would get to sleep in for an extra half-hour. This would mean all students would have to walk to school, since they would have missed the school bus. 

And at school events, all students would have to stand on their toes and click their heels like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and say, “A-bra-ca-da-bra!” 

Remember the famous saying “The wand chooses the wizard”? It’s time for you to choose me as your elected representative. 

Zombie Party Campaign Speech

So, I’m running for class president, I guess. My name is … uhh … I forget.

I would like to have more brains at our school for, like, eating. We definitely need a longer lunch period so we can go chase down, I mean, buy more brains from the cafeteria. 

We need more field trips to the zoo, or the cemetery – like, wherever you can get some tasty snacks.

We can have activities for spirit week, like the three-legged race, or walking, or maybe a one-armed race … 

… So, yeah, vote for me and I’ll make sure we feed our brains, I mean eat brains, I mean eat good.

We all need to eat, and it is important for us growing zombies to get enough food. If elected, the Zombie Party will change the school rules so students have a longer lunchtime, but we would not be allowed to eat anything during class.

Vote for me and everyone must show their zombie spirit by moving like a zombie – like this: [walk in a dazed manner for a few steps; hold out your arms like a zombie, etc.].

Be alive and vote for the Zombie Party!