Campaign speeches [language learners]

Ask each candidate to read their campaign speech. Encourage them to add their own dramatic and comic flair.

Captain’s Party Campaign Speech

I want to be your pirate class president! I have many plans for our school. I’d like to steal a moment of your time to tell you my plans. 

I will change all the field trips! We shouldn’t go to some field, but sailing on the sea! 

We will have a spirit week! We will have rowing, climbing, walking the plank and, of course, stealing!

The cafeteria must stop selling scurvy food! We need fresh food to stay in shape for sailing. We will have limes, lemons and all the mangoes you can eat!

The Captain’s Party would allow listening to music in class! But you would have extra homework each day. 

When I win the election, everyone will need to say: “Ahoy, matey!” 

Vote for me for your class president if you want to see change!

Dinosaur Party Campaign Speech

Maybe you thought I was gone. No, I’m still here and I have plans for our school. Even for you meat-eaters!

We need to improve the cafeteria for us plant-eaters. We will get rid of all the meat, like burgers and hot dogs. We will bring in a salad bar and more broccoli to our cafeteria.

We should have exciting field trips to rain forests instead of museums. We don’t need to see old fossils of our ancestors!

We will have school activities like “scare the humans” and tooth-flossing.

Dinosaurs are big and slow, so we would get extra time to get to class. The school day would have to be longer, though. 

If I win the election, everyone will have to do the Dino Call, which sounds like this: RAWR!

For big change, vote for the Dinosaur Party!

Wizard Party Campaign Speech

I’m proud to be your candidate for the Wizard Party! I have some magical ideas for ways to improve our life at school. 

Spirit week is made for us! Wizards connect with the spirit world, and we can show our school spirit too. We can wear our best robes for dress-up days. We can have magic potion mixing contests and spell-ing bees. 

We can do field trips to faraway places where we can fight dragons and visit magical lands. 

When I’m elected, there will be some big changes here. We would get to sleep in for half an hour. But all students would have to walk to school, since they missed the school bus. 

At school events, all of us would have to stand on our toes, click our heels and say, “A-bra-ca-da-bra!” 

It’s time for you to choose me as your president! 

Zombie Party Campaign Speech

So, I’m running for class president, I guess. My name is … uhh … I forget.

I would like to have more brains at our school for … eating. We need a longer lunch so we can go chase down, I mean, buy more brains from the cafeteria. 

We need more field trips to the zoo, or the cemetery. Wherever you can get some tasty snacks.

We can have activities for spirit week like walking, or maybe a one-armed race.

It is important for us growing zombies to get enough food. If elected, the Zombie Party will change the school rules so we get a longer lunchtime. But we would not be allowed to eat anything during class.

Vote for me and everyone must walk like a zombie – like this: [hold out your arms and walk in a daze for a few steps].

Be alive and vote for the Zombie Party!