Summary of Party Platforms


Use this chart to announce the activity associated with the winning candidate’s party platform.
 "Positive” Consequence for students"Negative” Consequence for studentsActivity
Captain’s PartyStudents are permitted to listen to music during study time in classStudents have extra homework assigned each dayStudents must greet each other by saying, “Ahoy, matey!”
Dinosaur PartyStudents are allowed extra time to get to class before being considered lateStudents have an extended school dayStudents must make the Dino Call in unison
Wizard PartyStudents are allowed to sleep in longer, with a later school start timeStudents have to walk to school since they missed the school busStudents must stand on their toes and click their heels like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and say, “A-bra-ca-da-bra!”
Zombie PartyStudents have a longer lunch breakStudents are not allowed to eat during classStudents must move like a zombie or make zombie-like gestures