Professional Learning Services in New Brunswick

In an effort to expand our professional learning services and to provide on-the-ground engagement at the local and provincial levels, New Brunswick now has an Elections Canada education coordinator. This initiative is part of the pilot program for the new Grade 10 Civics curriculum in the Anglophone school districts across the province. In addition, this region was selected for a tailored approach to professional learning due to its unique linguistic and cultural communities. The New Brunswick Education Coordinator offers in-person or virtual professional learning activities to teachers across the province, whether or not they are participating in the Civics 10 pilot.

Who can participate?

  • Secondary school teachers
  • Instructors, teacher-candidates, and student associations at faculties of education
  • School departments and teachers’ associations
  • Educators and consultants at school departments, districts or ministries of education

What types of activities are offered?

Each professional learning activity is tailored to classroom needs and presented in a variety of environments and approaches, including:

  • Professional learning events
  • Staff or department meetings
  • Co-teaching or classroom demonstrations
  • Faculty of education workshops
  • Student events

Our professional learning services feature Elections Canada’s learning resources. We also touch on the following topics: blended learning strategies, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, global competencies, civic engagement, literacy skills and language learner needs, and misinformation and disinformation.

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Not a resident of New Brunswick? We offer professional learning services in Northwestern Ontario. You can also attend one of our workshops across Canada or watch our teacher support videos.

Meet our New Brunswick Education Coordinator

Picture of Mark Perry

Mark Perry is the Education Coordinator for Elections Canada in New Brunswick. He delivers professional learning services in the province.

For the past 35 years, Mark has been involved in several facets of citizenship education. He has taught high school civics, history, Indigenous studies, world issues, political science and philosophy. He has also held social studies leadership positions, including Social Studies Learning Specialist at the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and First Nation Education and Social Studies Subject Coordinator in Anglophone South School District.

Mark is dedicated to enhancing civic engagement among youth. He is excited about working closely with educators and learners to explore the concepts of democracy through the practical use of Elections Canada’s teacher-designed resources. These interactive, inquiry-based activities provide opportunities for authentic and experiential learning.

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