Five Digital Strategies

It may seem hard to tell what’s true online and what isn’t true. Here are five simple strategies you can use to help you.

1. Find the original

A lot of stories are shared on social media. It’s important to find the original source so you can decide how much you can trust it.

2. Verify the source

How trustworthy is the source you’ve found? Do an online search to see whether other people or groups think it can be trusted.

3. Check other information

Don’t rely on just one source. Look at how the story is being covered by different trusted news outlets and organizations. 

4. Read fact-checking articles

You don’t have to do everything yourself! Find fact-checking articles at sites like and AFP Fact Check.

5. Turn to places you trust

Some sources give you a reason to trust them: they are authorities on a certain topic or have a good track record for accuracy.