Learn about Elections Canada’s 100th anniversary

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Young student studying from home with Elections Canada’s 100th anniversary Web content open on a laptop.

Elections Canada is celebrating its 100th anniversary with new educational Web content about the agency’s history and role in Canadian democracy. 

The 100th anniversary Web page uses historical images, videos and text to explore nine different topics about our democracy. 

Browse through the rich content to learn about:

This milestone provides an opportunity for students to develop their understanding of what an independent election agency does and the importance of providing fair and trusted elections. 

Students may be surprised to learn that countries around the world viewed Parliament’s 1920 decision to create a non-partisan election office that was independent of any government or political party as an innovation. That decision remains a defining moment in the history of Canadian democracy.

Teachers can use this opportunity to engage students in a broader discussion about elections and democracy in Canada. Exploring the anniversary material will help students understand how the agency works with Parliament to implement changes in our electoral process. 

As with Elections Canada’s other educational resources, teachers will also be able to find connections that are relevant to language arts, media studies, information technology, social studies, and civics and citizenship.

After exploring the 100th anniversary Web page, teachers can also direct students to some of our related online resources such as our pages about Canada's election process and Canadian Parliament.