New How-to Video Series for Teachers

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Elections Canada now has teacher support videos to go with its free educational resources! 

As educators, your time is precious and these videos were designed to make your life easier. Discover resources that link to your curriculum, learn tips on how to make them work for you and find inspiration to teach about elections and democracy. After watching the clips, you will be ready to use Elections Canada’s resources in your class. 


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These five- to seven-minute videos provide a quick overview of the lessons available and give you some pointers on how to use them in your classroom. They will give you everything you need to start teaching these lessons. Each video includes the inquiry question that drives the lesson as well as an outline of the three-part lesson structure: Minds On, Activity and Consolidation. You’ll also get a glimpse at all the free material and the ways it can be used. 

The series is available in English and French. You’ll meet Rachel, an award-winning teacher and education specialist at Elections Canada who helped create these resources. Let her or her colleague Joseph (French videos) help you prepare to teach the following lessons: 

  • Civic Action: Then and Now 
  • Digital Skills for Democracy 
  • Voting Rights through Time 
  • Does Voting Matter? 
  • Mapping Electoral Districts 
  • Elections by the Numbers 
  • Geography of Elections 

Want to learn more? Visit the Teacher Support Videos page to explore this quick, effective professional development tool!