Search by Course in New Curriculum Connections Tool

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Elections Canada’s educational resources can bring elections and democracy to life in hundreds of courses—and, now, it’s even easier to find the perfect fit for a specific curriculum. The new Curriculum Connections tool lets teachers search by course, topic or resource in their own province or territory. 

Elections Canada has engaging activities to support student learning in:

  • language arts
  • history
  • geography
  • social studies
  • math
  • communications and media studies
  • civics and citizenship 

We know that teachers need the right resource at the right time and for the right context. The Curriculum Connections tool is easy to use and will help meet teachers’ learning goals in many subject areas. Using the tool, teachers can search by course name or code, and all of the resources relevant to the related curriculum will be displayed. 




The tool can also be used to search in the reverse way. Teachers can select an Elections Canada resource, then, search for courses in the curriculum of their province or territory where the activity would fit best. 




Teachers can also simply search by province or territory to see the multiple cross-curricular connections for all of the resources.




Developed by educators for educators, the Curriculum Connections tool is designed to meet the needs of teachers to quickly find the resource that aligns perfectly with the curriculum of their own province or territory. 

Visit the Curriculum Connections page today to find the perfect fit for your classroom.