Start the school year with Student Vote Canada

Published Date

The federal election is taking place early in the school year (Monday, September 20). But that doesn’t mean you can’t put Student Vote Canada in your back-to-school lesson plan and take advantage of this learning opportunity.

Here are some ways to make the most of Student Vote Canada on a short timeframe:

  • Plan your student vote for election day—September 20—to give yourself more time to prepare and to make it parallel to the real election.
  • Use the videos and interactive tools to engage with the learning material more quickly.
  • Refer to the lesson pathways for suggestions on how to teach the material in a shorter timeframe. There’s no need to cover everything!
  • Use voting day as a springboard and continue the learning in the weeks after the polls close.

Student Vote Canada is a unique opportunity that only happens during a federal election. It has been shown to positively impact students’ civic literacy and future intentions to vote. It’s an experience not to be missed!

Elections Canada has engaged CIVIX to run Student Vote Canada during the federal election. Register your class or school online or by calling 1-866-488-8775, or 1-833-503-3366 in Quebec.