Student Vote Canada 2019: Registration is open!

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Student casting a ballot


Looking for a great way to engage students in the federal election next fall? Register your school or class for Student Vote Canada 2019! It’s free and open to schools across Canada.

Election time presents unique learning opportunities for students, and it’s a perfect time to encourage active citizenship. Elections Canada is committed to helping you teach about elections and democracy, which is why we’ve engaged CIVIX to deliver the Student Vote program for the October 2019 federal election. Student Vote is a parallel election program that takes place at the same time as the federal election. It’s a great way to help your students grow into future voters!

More than one million students from 9,000 schools are expected to take part in Student Vote Canada 2019!


Students behind voting screens


This program offers powerful experiential learning opportunities. Students research the party platforms and discuss issues that are important to their electoral district and to the country as a whole. On Student Vote day, they cast their ballots for the actual candidates running in their school’s riding. Students play the role of election officials, learning firsthand about how the federal election process works. 

After the polls have closed, the results will be published and you’ll be able to compare your students’ choices with the actual election results. 




Elections Canada has supported Student Vote since 2004. We know it’s a program that has a positive impact on students and teachers. After the 2015 federal election, we commissioned an independent study to evaluate the program and found that 98% of teachers who had participated in the program would participate in Student Vote again in the future. 

Register your class or school at or by calling 1-866-488-8775, or 1-833-503-3366 in Quebec.