Student Vote Canada: Register today!

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Looking for a great way to engage students in the federal election? Register your school or class for Student Vote Canada. Join students from all 338 ridings in this unique learning experience, which is only available during election time. 


Students voting in mock election.


Since 2004, Elections Canada has engaged CIVIX to offer Student Vote Canada during federal elections. We provide both electoral expertise and voting materials to make sure the experience is as authentic as possible for students. It’s part of our commitment to supporting educators in teaching about elections and democracy.

Running in parallel with the real federal election, this program offers powerful experiential learning opportunities. Students research the party platforms and discuss issues that are important to their riding and to the country as a whole. On Student Vote day, they cast their ballot for the actual candidates running in their school’s riding. Students play the role of election officers, learning firsthand about how the federal election process works. After the polls have closed, the results will be published and you’ll be able to compare your students’ choices with the actual election results.

“Students tell me that Student Vote is the most memorable thing they did in high school. Absolutely all of the students I have led through the Student Vote program find it engaging and interesting. The program empowers students, and allows them to be in charge of their own learning.” – Canadian teacher


Register your class or school online or by calling 1-866-488-8775, or 1-833-503-3366 in Quebec.