Students get a sneak peek at Student Vote Canada 2019

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Student inserting a ballot in ballot box

You’re never too young to start practicing the habits of voting and being an active citizen. That’s what a grade 5 class learned when they got a visit from Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Stéphane Perrault. With the new school year in full swing and the election just one month away, the students got a sneak peek at an exciting learning experience taking place this fall: Student Vote Canada 2019.

Mr. Perrault and Taylor Gunn, President and CEO of CIVIX, visited Connaught Public School in Ottawa, Ontario, to help Ms. Battistelli’s students get ready for Student Vote. To practice their voting skills, the group gathered in the school library for a mock election to vote for their favourite sport. 

Students participating in mock election

Afterward, they asked Mr. Perrault questions about the voting process. As always, students are very curious! They wanted to know how someone in a remote community votes, what happens if there’s a tie, how he got his job, etc. 

Student asking questions

Student Vote is an authentic learning experience in the form of a parallel election that coincides with general elections. It is the flagship program of CIVIX. Since 2004, Elections Canada has worked with CIVIX to deliver five federal Student Vote programs. This year, we expect to see the biggest and best Student Vote ever!

ABCs of Student Vote Canada 2019

The results of the vote at Connaught Public School? The majority of students chose swimming as their favourite sport.

Registration is open until the end of September! To register your class or your school, visit