Infographic: "The Right to Vote in Federal Elections: Then and Now"


The infographic provides the following information:


Population of Canada: 3,230,000
Number of eligible voters: 361,028 (11%)

Who could vote?

Men who

  • were at least 21 years old, and
  • owned property.

Who couldn’t vote?

  • Men who did not own property
  • Women
  • Anyone under 21
  • Most First Nations peoples


Population of Canada: 37,797,496*
Number of eligible voters: 27,310,979 (72%)

Who can vote?

All Canadian citizens aged 18 years and over.

Who can’t vote?

  • Anyone under 18 years old
  • Residents who are not Canadian citizens
  • The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada

*Based on 2019 election data