Digital Skills for Democracy

Digital Skills for Democracy. Assessing online information to make civic choices

At a glance

In this activity, students

  • think about the importance of making sure they have trustworthy information before they make a decision on a political or electoral issue;
  • explore a series of scenarios designed to teach five strategies for verifying information: find the original, verify the source, check other information, read fact-checking articles, and turn to places you trust; and
  • reflect on the impact of false and misleading information in politics.

Big idea: Citizens need to be well informed to make good decisions when it comes to political issues, especially when they are deciding how to vote in a federal election. We all need to make sure we can trust news and other information that might help us make up our minds when it comes to voting.

Subjects: This activity can be taught in a social studies, civics, citizenship or language arts class.

Level: Secondary

Time needed: 60 minutes

This educational resource was created in collaboration with MediaSmarts.