Elections by the Numbers

Elections by the Numbers. Interpreting Data on Voter Turnout

At a glance

In this activity, students:

  • think about trends in their school or community;
  • make predictions about possible voting trends;
  • analyze two data sets—a graph showing voter turnout in Canada since Confederation, and a table showing voting turnout by age from the last three federal elections;
  • calculate the percentage point change and percent change for each age group;
  • create a concept for how to show the table data effectively; and
  • explain the rationale for their decision and reflect on the meaning behind the trends.

Big idea: Voter turnout changes over time. It is important to understand voter turnout numbers because participation in elections affects our democracy.

Subjects: This activity is designed for a mathematics or data management classroom. It can also be used in a language arts or social studies classroom.

Level: Secondary

Time needed: 60 minutes

Last updated: October 2022