Student Vote Canada 2019 Results

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From October 15 to 18, students across the country cast their ballots for the official candidates running in the federal election as part of Student Vote Canada 2019. The results are in! Like the real election results, students elected a minority Liberal government. You can take a look at the full riding-by-riding results here


Election Totals Student Vote Canada 2019


Did you know? To avoid influencing the federal election, Student Vote results are not released until after the close of polls on election day. 

Student Vote by the numbers

  • Over 1.1 million students cast Student Vote ballots, making it the largest student parallel election ever! That number is up from an incredible 922,000 in 2015.
  • 52% of schools across Canada took part in the initiative, in all 338 federal electoral districts. Shout out to Grand Prairie-Mackenzie, which had the highest number of participating schools!
  • Over 7,885 teachers participated, from elementary and middle to high schools. A big thank you to all the educators who worked hard to give their students this learning experience. 

Student Vote is a program of CIVIX. Elections Canada engaged CIVIX to deliver Student Vote Canada for the 2019 federal election. It’s one important part of our civic education program. This special initiative seizes the opportunity of a federal election to give students an authentic learning experience, and help them practice the habits of engaged citizenship. 

Even though the election is over, the learning doesn’t end. After all, you can teach democracy all year long. Use our post-election activities to help your students connect elections to Parliament, or explore our cross-curricular learning resources.