Civic Education Program Brochure

There’s more to Elections Canada’s civic education program than you would think! Download our program brochure and share it with a member of your educational community. For accessibility purposes, the content of the brochure is presented below.

Education at Elections Canada

Elections Canada’s civic education program provides information, tools and cross-curricular resources for teachers across Canada. Our goal is to support you in preparing future voters to participate in electoral democracy.

Find everything you need at Elections Canada’s special learning website:

Educational Resources

Free bilingual classroom resources are available in both digital and print formats. All our inquiry-based lessons encourage student-centred learning and collaboration. Access our secondary-level educational resources

Civic Action: Then and Now

Analyzing a model for active citizenship through historical case studies

Digital Skills for Democracy

Assessing online information to make civic choices

Does Voting Matter?

Experiencing the effects of voting

Elections by the Numbers

Interpreting data on voter turnout

Election Simulation Toolkit

Engaging students in the electoral process

Geography of Elections

Understanding ridings as electoral communities

Mapping Electoral Districts

Considering what makes electoral boundaries fair

Voting Rights through Time

Exploring issues of inclusion since 1867

Which Election?

Understanding federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal/local elections

Curriculum Connections

Our educational resources link to secondary-level curricula in every province and territory. Browse through hundreds of curriculum connections to find the resource that’s right for you. Try out this interactive tool

Professional Learning

Videos and webinars are available online to give you tips and tricks for using our resources in your classroom. Teachers can also take part in Elections Canada workshops throughout the school year at in-person or virtual conferences and events. Find your next learning opportunity

Elections Step by Step

The Elections and Democracy website features an overview of Canada’s federal electoral system, along with reliable, non-partisan background information. Our website has been developed by Elections Canada, the independent agency which runs federal elections in Canada. Discover Canada’s elections

Student Vote Canada

Did you know that Elections Canada and CIVIX have been offering Student Vote Canada during federal elections since 2004?

Student Vote is an authentic learning program where students experience the voting process and practice habits of engaged citizenship. After researching the parties and platforms, students vote for the real candidates running in their school’s riding and compare their results to the actual election outcomes.

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